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Real Estate professionals know that finding new ways to promote properties gets them sold quickly, and with the highest commissions possible. Decorating an open space, or adding to the décor of an already furnished room is one way to achieve this goal. What's new in this pursuit, is adding custom neon signage and sculpture to get the job accomplished with creative efficiency.

Houses, condominiums and commercial spaces must have maximum visual appeal. If the space lacks a sense of wonder, potential buyers may either confuse it with similar offerings or disregard it entirely. As a realty agent, this is something that needs to be turned around immediately. Taking a cue from Hollywood set designers, adding custom neon signage and sculptures changes any plain room and makes it spectacular.

Custom Neon and LED Neon

Custom Neon signage can be ordered online in either standard neon or in an LED version that remains cool at all times. All it takes in a design or an idea, for the team at Neon Direct to create any order. In addition to photographs of past work on their website at, their staff members encourage customers to design their own work and craft new ideas. Every order includes shipping, making it wonderful for budgets of all sizes.

Adapting Custom Neon is Half the Fun

Trying to sell a commercial space? Add custom neon signs to help future owners envision their successful business within these walls. Neon food and vintage soft drink sign signage are perfect for eating establishments. Neon beer and liquor signage placed around the bar also work to add distinct visual suggestions.

Orders can come from a photograph on the Neon Direct website, or with a drawing that you would like to replicate. Their web pages and customer service team make it easy to order exactly what you want. Consider this, in terms of conquering the competition. At under $50, one custom neon sculpture is far less expensive than a simple ad in the Sunday paper.

Using Neon Art in the “Art of the Sale”

This bit of ingenuity comes from an experienced real estate agent who has continally made strides in selling Floridian properties. She credits this to her knack for sales, a M.F.A. in Art and a former career as a stage designer for Broadway productions. Every house or office she shows her clients is a stage, and she uses neon to make that stage more dramatic.

Custom Neon Sculptures tell a Story

With knowledge that her customers are frequently on vacation during the winter months, she sought to make these “snow birds” home owners instead of seasonal renters. The trick is to not only allow potential customers to enjoy their home tour, but give them something to talk about as well. When it comes to blank painted surfaces versus walls with neon embellishment, the choice is clear.

Each year, this agent places orders for custom neon pink flamingos, tropical flowers and other iconic images of the “Sunshine State.” These neon sculptures are then placed strategically around properties she is currently selling. In addition, she orders LED neon signage and custom neon clocks to jazz up various rooms. Perhaps her most noteworthy order, was that of a smiling green neon alligator that always makes people laugh out loud.

Kitchen and Dinettes

Homes built in the mid-century era may have been built with smaller kitchens and dinette areas. Younger couples and individuals looking to settle with their families, often make a point of searching for just the opposite. A neon clock placed high on the wall, instinctively draws the eye upward. This naturally makes the room look larger and more impressive. As an added note, she coordinates the color of curtains and window shades to the color of neon found in the clock. She notes, that a sunny yellow sells the warmth of the Floridian landscape quite well to winter weary visitors.

Family Rooms and Dens

One room of the home that seems to be consistently occupied is the family room or den. While the living room is still seen as a more formal place to entertain company, the family room is the place for sports viewing and casual fun. This is the room where the home entertainment center will be set up, giving the entire family a place to watch movies and enjoy on-screen gaming activities.

Family rooms also benefit from enhancement with custom neon signage and sculptures. Potential customers get a kick out of vintage inspired advertising signs and walls decked out in sports related signage. Again, the ability to draw the eye up and around the room is key.

Dens are sometime used as home office spaces, as well as convertible bedrooms should out of town guests arrive. Adorning a small space with neon gives it a colorful appearance and helps to illuminate a dark space. Increasingly people are telecommuting and working directly from their own homes. Taking the time to spruce up a forgotten room, works to help clients idealize how they can make it their own.

Commercial Spaces

The sales and rental of commercial spaces is where custom neon truly leaves its mark. LED neon signage is durable, stays cool and lasts for long periods of time. “Open” signs are wonderful for front windows and doors. Neon and LED neon literally light up a room. Best of all, these signs are virtually free of maintainance. Unlike the neon signs of decades past, they have no costly transformers or tubes that need to be replaced.

Custom Neon adds to Profits

A property that impresses visitors upon the first visit gets sold first, and usually for a higher asking price. This is true of apartment condominiums, sprawling ranch houses, retail and commercial spaces. Ordering and placing custom neon around a property is an inexpensive method that defines the term ROI or Return on Investment.

When the sale has been made, a custom neon sign or clock makes a much appreciated “Thank You” gift to both the buyer and seller. It is that sense of originality, sincerity and inventiveness that always leads to higher profits for every real estate agent. With custom neon, almost anything is possible.

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